Guest post by Linda Cain, Fed Secretary

Good morning everyone,

Last night, Sean and I, Maggie and Steve attended the presentation of the “Save the Children Festival of Trees” at KWC.

  And – We WON !!! 

  Both the “Best of Festival “  and “ Travellers Favourite” 

 We are all totally delighted after a year of coffee mornings, planning and preparation it has all been a wonderful success.

 Thanks to Sean and Steve for their fabulous support.

 Linda and Maggie


 The display at the airport raised a magnificent £6,700 for Save the Children – Thank you to everyone who donated and voted for our Tree!

Johnny writes: Well done, Linda and Maggie, you have really done the Fed proud. The Tree was magnificent and the result is very well deserved and a huge tribute to you both, and of course the supporting team of Sean and Steve, for your planning, persistence and wonderful creative talents.

And what a great way to remind everybody about the massive danger Varroa poses to the island and just how vulnerable our bees are to anybody importing bees or used hive equipment.

Hooray for The Varroa Warriors!

Note: Linda Cain is the Secretary of the Isle of Man Beekeepers Federation and Maggie Hughes is the Secretary of the Ramsey and District Beekeepers Association, one of the three local beekeepers associations that constitute the “Fed”.


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