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IOM Beekeepers Federation

  • President: Alistair Lothian
  • Secretary: Sarah Corlett
  • Education Officer: Steve Bassil
  • Bee Inspector: Harry Owens
  • Webmaster: Joseph Carcas
  • Swarm Coordinator: Roger Putman

Ramsey and District Beekeepers

  • Chairman: Alistair Lothian
  • Secretary: Maggie Hughes

Western Beekeepers

  • Chairman: Robert Wright
  • Secretary: Martin Braybrooks

Southern District Beekeepers

  • Chairman: Debbie Carcas
  • Secretary: Gwen Kelly

Phone: 07624 328032 (text messages preferred)

Ramsey and District Beekeepers: 07624 328034



For information about what to do if you find a swarm of bees please take a look at our swarm page

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