Readers may recall a few weeks ago I posted a request for help to complete a submission for the Vita Honey Bee Health Initiative Awards.

To recap, the objective of the Initiative was described as

The Vita Bee Initiative Awards will highlight the vital work of voluntary beekeeping groups to combat the ongoing health threats to honeybees and publicise good practice for the benefit of other beekeepers

Peter Long, thankfully, answered the call and with him, Daren Ward, marketing guru from that well known firm of Isle of Man stockbrokers, of which Peter is Chairman.

It turned out to be a wonderful collaborative effort, with contributions from many quarters; all in all, a great deal of fun. Thanks, again, to all who assisted.

The submission went in last week and winners will be announced in Korea in September.

Apimondia 2015, anyone?

With the kind permission of the judges to allow publication, this is our submission; we hope you like it.

Download (PDF, 1.68MB)



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