On a gorgeous late summer afternoon, Michael Badger yesterday demonstrated a range of  beekeeping skills to a full house of interested beekeepers at Shenharra, the Isle of Man Beekeepers Training Apiary.

Initially, Michael discoursed on various beekeeping matters before visiting seven of the hives in the Apiary, providing a number of suggestions as he went through the hives.

Breeshey, impressive with her detailed notes on each hive, and Tony kept Michael informed on the history of each colony which provided the backdrop for Michael’s observations during the inspections.




And Harry showed his wing-trimming expertise, not phased by all the flying bees!













Michael had brought his new, superventilated bee suit, but seemed happier when out of it, perhaps not expecting the tropical temperatures routinely found in the Isle of Man!

At the end of the afternoon, Chairman of the Manx Bee Improvement Group, Keith, whose leadership and drive is responsible for how the Training Apiary has been significantly upgraded this year, thanked Michael for coming to visit us and for all his valuable insights.

And when all was done, as for all the best lectures, it was finished off with a great cup of tea and almond pie!


Michael will be giving a lecture at Knockaloe at 2pm, this afternoon, Sunday 16 August.

All beekeepers and prospective beekeepers are invited. I’m told that Tea and coffee and biscuits will be available.


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