In a twelve minute interview, Harry Owens, Isle of Man Bee Diseases Inspector, and President Elect of the Isle of Man Beekeepers Federation, tells Tanya Anderson of Lovely Greens TV of his concerns that there might have been an illegal importation of bees into the Isle of Man.

There is no certainty that this has taken place, but based on what at best can be described as anecdotal evidence, beekeepers on the Isle of Man are understandably worried.

Please watch the video, and decide for yourselves.

As Harry makes clear in the interview, if there has been an importation of bees, it is vitally important that these bees are inspected for possible disease; so, if you have any knowledge of the supposed incident, please contact Harry soonest on 07624 494 246, or 01624 801 315.

Harry wishes to stress its far more important Рif this importation actually has taken place  Рto inspect these bees than to seek to punish anybody for the importation, which in all likihood would have been innocently arranged.


To recap the legal framework:

  • As early as 1988/89, the IOM Government prohibited the importation of bees and second hand bee equipment into the Isle of Man.
  • In 2008, the Isle of Man introduced the Bee Disease and Pest Control Order,
  • In 2015, the EU confirmed “the introduction into the Isle of Man of bees in any stage of their life cycle, used hives, skeps or any receptacle used to house bees is prohibited”, and
  • In May 2015 we noted that the penalty for breaking the importation ban is currently set at ¬£5,000.







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