The eagle eyed reader will note that we missed out Day 2; weather wise it was a total washout but we did manage to cover quite a lot of ground in the classroom with Roger’s slide presentation and lots of questions and answers.


Day 3 looked much the same – to begin with, a very wet start at Knockaloe didn’t augur well. But around midday it started to brighten and so we hit the road up North. Apart from the beauty of the area, we found mice – or the after effects – black bees, P1060983oilseed rape, P1060981

master beekeepers P1060977

and some wonderful colonies from which to breed.

And rounded it off with a glorious tea – was beekeeping ever thus?


It was difficult to tear away from the comfort of the tea table to get back to Greeba for what proved to be a great supper at the Hawthorn pub for around 35 beekeepers.

Monday morning starts with a grafting practical at Keith Osborn’s home, Ballavarger, Union Mills – all beekeepers are welcome, experienced or novices.  If you haven’t yet attended at any or Roger’s demonstrations, do your best to try to make it tomorrow, his last day. It is really a privilege to watch and listen to Roger at work. Don’t miss it.

More details on the Event’s page.


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