Roger Patterson kept a band of IOM Beekeepers busy today from just after 9am through to 7pm in the evening.

P1060828Starting at the Training Apiary in St Johns where the red carpet had been laid out for our guest, Roger went to work assessing the eight hives already set up at the Training Apiary at Shenharra.

Then, from the best of those hives transferred tiny larva into queen cups which went into a queenless colony, specially dequeened by Keith and Tony eight days ago.


There followed a visit to DEFA to meet with Minister Richard Ronan, State Veterinary Officer, Stuart Jacques and Captain of the Parish, John Kennaugh, followed by an interview with John for Countryside on Manx Radio, then back to Shenharra P1060877before hitting the road for a number of apiary visits.


First to IOM Bee Inspector Harry Owens apiaries set amongst the apple blossom beside the river flowing swiftly down from Slieau Whallian. P1060911


From there to Chairman Keith’s lovely garden for a well earned sandwich and cup of to tea, whereafter we inspected first five then a further two colonies. Followed by a trip to Abbeylands for a further three.



Then, back to Shenharra to see whether the nurse bees had accepted their first charges – and it looks like after six hours all were being fed with royal jelly; early days yet, but the initial signs are looking good!

The weather for our first day was tremendous, but looks pretty changeable for Saturday into Sunday. So, a slight change of plan – and it may not be the last, so please keep close to the Events Page on the website!

Saturday – please meet at Shenharra at 9:00am for recap on the previous days events, and checking up on the first ten queen cells; then on the road to see as many apiaries up north as can be managed.

Sunday – Knockaloe at 10:00am, back to the classroom – and then, if the weather is kind, back on the trail of the best black beeeeeeee!




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