bee landing P -It is only a short time before the BIBBA beekeeping conference comes to the Island on 20th-22nd September.

For those interested in bees and beekeeping, there is an impressive programme covering a wide range of topics to inform and enthuse beekeepers of all abilities and interests. There are 25 speakers, probably making the conference the largest beekeeping event that has ever been staged on the Island. This is an opportunity that should not be missed if you are serious about your beekeeping. Don’t hear how good it was from someone else and kick yourself for not going!

Topics include the colony cycle, beekeeping and a full time job, improving bees, simple queen rearing, and producing honey under difficult conditions.

Even if you are not a beekeeper, but are interested in bees and entomology there is something for you, including how honey bees organise their colony, how they process what they bring back to the hive, queens, drones and how they mate and the development of tracking devices to study foraging behaviour of insects.

Tickets for single presentations, a whole day or the whole conference are still available from or 07624 499511.

Limited attendance will be allowed on the day for those who have found themselves free to attend. You may purchase a day pass for £40 (£35 if a paid up member of one of the three Isle of Man local beekeeping associations, or £40 otherwise.) But with over 150 delegates already booked, when we say limited – that’s just what we mean!

For those wishing to attend a particular individual lecture, tickets at £5 per head will be available at the door.



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