Our Education Officer today received this email:

Dear George & Cilla

After being able to give you good news over the weekend I am sorry to say that a further sighting has been confirmed north of the Mendip Hills in Somerset.

This is not the news we had all hoped for and is particularly disturbing as the occurrences have now been in two counties with locations some 35/40 miles apart.  Given this information no doubt all beekeepers in those and neighbouring counties too will be extra vigilant.

A message from the NBU can be found on our website here.

I don’t want to inundate your inbox with regular updates as they become available so we will be keeping everyone posted through the news page on our website (link above), so do visit us to catch the latest reports.

This will be one of the topics of discussion in our hangout, the date of which has been brought forward to Tuesday, 11th October at 8.00pm.  Please ensure all your contacts are aware of this change.

Kind regards

Wendy and the Bee Craft team


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