Post by Cilla Platt

This year has been hectic in the field of Education within the IOM Federation of Beekeepers.

I can only speak for the part that I, as Education Officer, have had to organise.

Of course, there have been other exciting things going on in our Federation.

The Basic Beekeeping Course was well attended with a slightly lower intake this year of 12 serious punters.

The seven evening classes taught by Harry Owens, David Roberts, Janet Thompson, Gwen Kelly and Cilla Platt, were held at Knockaloe with the exception of one very cold evening in the Old Forestry Board Offices, due to Knockaloe being unavailable.

The program of talks can be viewed elsewhere on this web site.

We are now well into the practical sessions with 7 of the students looking after the 2 hives at Ballaleece, with Cilla as an instructive observer.

Protective suits have been loaned by the Federation to these seven students for this season, whilst they are under instruction.

School Talks. School kids and GwenThis year the Ed Officer offered all the Primary Schools on the Island the opportunity to have a talk about bees given to any of their classes.

This was a rash offer as the Ed Officer discovered there are about 35 Primary Schools on the Island! Fortunately in the end, talks were given in only 17 of the schools (so far), though 28 classes participated. Fortunately Andrew Shillinglaw taught 4 classes and Gwen 2 and David Roberts took a turn, too. But Ed Off was still run ragged.

The offer is not closed and it is hoped more schools will participate in the future, especially now the Ed Officer has got to grips with the Waggle Dance!2015-05-06 09.43.07 - good

Girl Guides. There have been a few requests from Brownies for talks and the Ed Off has been grateful to Mark Ralph for help here.

Talks to Adult Groups. There has been the usual gentle trickle of interest and a few evening talks have been given. I believe several Beekeepers throughout the Island get asked to give these. It is an excellent way of improving the knowledge of our residents.


I always put forward the fact that everyone should remain vigilant to potential imports of Honey Bees, and not to feed honey to any bees, because of disease risk. Through the general talks this message has been put to at least 850 school children, lots of teachers, the Basic Course attendees and potential attendees, and all the attendees of the evening talks.

If any member of our Federation would like to put their name forward to give talks in schools or elsewhere, please do not hesitate to let me know. I particularly would like to hear from members in the wild untamed North of the Island.


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