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Those who visited Norrie and Esther’s home yesterday were in for a real treat watching these two consummate professionals at work.

Norrie showed us how he makes his wax, firstly using his sun box to melt the old wax and separating propolis from the wax, then removes the wax to his bain marie in the centre of which was stretched a pair of ladies tights! Clean wax was taken from the centre of the double boiler to make foundation in the foundation “waffle maker”. Norrie pointed out that this wax is used for foundation only; cleaner wax from cappings is used for candles and other wax creations for show; (although the little Paddington bear in the photographs was made, unusually, with the the normal wax rather than the best material!)

We also saw how a battery is used to heat the stainless wires that give the foundation the strength to hold together under the weight of full frame of stores.

Making your own foundation – which Norrie and Esther have done for over forty years – is not only cheaper than buying from the commercial suppliers, but also ensures that your bees aren’t exposed to possibleĀ pesticides and other nasties!

Family arriving on the ferry prevented us from watching Esther at work with her flower creations, or learning how to do it; but we saw some of the beautiful flowers she had made. And learnt that the wax sheets need to be so thin you could virtually see through them, as Norrie’s grandson Jacob explained.

Juliet, Gina and I left entranced – and very very impressed by the wide range of creative skills we had just witnessed.

Thanks Norrie and Esther (and Jacob) and look forward to learning much more from you in the future!



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  1. pauline says:

    Hi Johnny

    Thank you so much for posting these pictures. I couldn’t make the meeting but they are a super way of showing what it is possible to do with wax. An inspiration! Pauline

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