Jennifer Berry from the USA is undertaking a Northern Ireland and UK tour and we are very fortunate that she is taking the time to stop on the Island to talk to us all and give us the benefit of her expertise.
Jennifer’s official title is Apicultural Research Co-Ordinator for Georgia University for their Honey Bee Programme and her main areas of expertise are:

  1. The effects of pesticides on Honey Bees
  2. Queen breeding
  3. Small hive beetle and varroa

We propose to take maximum advantage of her being here by running two sessions at Knockaloe meeting room.  These will be taking place at 2pm and 7pm respectively on Monday the 2nd November.  The sessions are expected to run for around two and a half hours.

This is a rare and exciting opportunity for us to compare notes with a true expert from “across the pond”, and should prove to be informative and engaging.

More on Jennifer can be found here and here

 It would be very helpful for the organisers if you could let Pat Shimmin, or your Association Secretary know which of the two sessions you will be able to attend – to help with catering etc.


(This article was approved for circulation by the President of the IOM Beekeepers Federation and the Isle of Man Bee Disease Officer.)


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