For those who wish to join us as we visit further apiaries and watch as Roger assesses more colonies on the island, please meet at the Rushen Primary School fourways crossroads, (Church Road/Castletown Road) Port St Mary at 8:50am on Sunday morning, 12 July.

All beekeepers are very welcome to join these visits which really are fascinating. It is a privilege to watch and learn from somebody as knowledgeable as Roger!


You may learn how to clip a queenIMG_2120

or the best way to inspect a drone to optimally determine colourIMG_2113

or about the necessity to keep proper records








or simply watch as queens reared from egg to virgin queen are successfully released into a queenless hiveIMG_2137IMG_2135

or, have the queen’s lifecycle drummed in, either in summary or in more detail. 

Or how important to understand what to do when you find queen cells, be they

  • unsealed and the queen is still there, or
  • both sealed and unsealed queen cells, or
  • all sealed with no unsealed queen cells.

Roger’s suggestion is to read – and follow – the Wakeford Method of swarm control, as outlined on the Dave Cushman website, here.

And apart from the learning we have the joy of visiting many beautiful rural sites, like these:


So, please join us: 8:50am, Sunday at the Church Road/Castletown Road intersection, Port St Mary, or, if you want to catch up and join during the day, please ring me on 499511 to arrange a rendezvous.



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