P1080383Thanks to everyone who helped at the Beekeepers tent at the show which, despite Sunday’s weather, was very successful.

Keith has asked to send a special thanks Norrie and Ester, Phil, Johnny, Breeshey and Alex for setting up the stands and also to all who brought honey and goods to display and sell, who sold honey, who manned the sales table, and who explained what was going on in the inspection hives to, what seemed at times, an endless stream of fascP1080381inated visitors!

It does make it worth while when everyone worked so hard and enjoyed a wonderfully pleasant and happy two days.

Honoured guests to our tent on Saturday were the Lieutenant Governor of the Isle of Man, His Excellency Adam Wood and Mrs Wood who seemed to enjoy themselves, being particularly interested in Keith’s explanation of the work being undertaken by the Manx Bee Improvement Group and Norrie’s wax paintings.

P1080392The team at the sales table found the Governor to be a good sport and raised a laugh when they delicately – if not a little irreverently – separated the Governor from his well earned cash.

Of course, the biggest thank you is due to Keith whose drive, energy and management ensured that the weekend went as well as it did; well done, Keith!


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