Shenharra Workparty – 8 April, 2017

The season at Shenharra has got off to a flying start. This is the location of our Education and Bee Improvement Apiary on the Peel Road just outside St Johns. By kind permission of Molly Cain we have a quiet plot down by the old Douglas to Peel railway line. Walkers are fascinated by the presence of white suited aliens the other side of the hedge!

Last year there were other hives at Ballaleece about half a mile away but the site was rather exposed and the bees did not do well. Today there are eight hives only at Shenharra.

Phil C wields a mighty weapon; Linda C stops him toppling over.

On April 1st, Cilla Platt held a practical session for her beginners’ class looking at early season husbandry. The following weekend some ten members tidied the site in glorious spring sunshine. Chopping down overhanging branches and erecting an outside work bench made from a couple of scaffolding planks and four fence posts. Sean and Linda Cain completed the repainting of the shed in a pleasing wild thyme colour. Hives were inspected and Tony Leadley impressed the less experienced by finding an unmarked queen and deftly picked her up for a blob of paint. We have ten plastic seats and a gas stove for tea making which helps the social side of the meeting along as well. Please look out at your local skip for more seating and a pop up gazebo as it is bound to rain sometime!

We had cake courtesy of Linda and volunteers are now encouraged to take turns bringing some home made cake!

Juliet and Breeshey making frames

April 15th turned out fine and sunny despite a rather chilly start. Eleven folk turned up so duties were light and even Johnny Kipps was spotted sitting down after screwing some bracing timber to the underside of the work bench! John Roberts completed his hedge trimming started last week and took away all the twigs for the skip.

Breeshey and Juliet K constructed frames without ideal tools while Esther M ably led her team doing a full spring clean on five of the eight hives. Maggie H taught me to make muddy tea and John R provided a most excellent chocolate cake – he should never have admitted that he did not make it!

The other three hives will be cleaned during the week leaving us to concentrate on the AGM the following Saturday.

The next gathering is planned for Saturday 29th April at 2pm. All members are welcome but please respect Mrs Cain’s access and park in Corletts quarry entrance (on the Peel side) if we are busy.

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2 Responses to Shenharra Update

  1. Phil says:

    Thanks for the update Johnny.

    Like the scrolling pictures.

    Good to see everybody getting involved.

    • Johnny Kipps says:

      Thanks Phil
      There is a great spirit down at Shenharra.
      Great pic of you wielding your mighty hammer, supported by Linda, wasn’t it!
      The cake & tea adds to the overall ambience of the afternoon, too!

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