Philip McCabe arrived safely from Dublin in the foggy morning of 17th Feb.
George and I who were his hosts took him for lunch at the Sound which was fortunately sitting just under the fog. We had all the equipment and sundries with us for the rest of the day so were able to go straight from our lunch to the iMuseum in Douglas with very little hassle. We were to use the upstairs room as it is smaller and I was frightened that it would be just a scattering of attendees. However as the time approached for the talk the room was filling up and folk still kept arriving even after the lecture had started. We could not have got another person in even if they were thrown in from the door. It was wonderful, and surprised Mr McCabe. His talk about  Honey the oldest Medicine known to Man was very well received and interesting.
He started with just a brief run down on what is a bee, for the benefit of the large number of non beekeepers.
He told us that our local honey is just as good as the expensive foreign varieties. But that no money has been thrown at it to make it more marketable.
He told us about its uses past and present, and he put in a few amusing stories to make sure no one nodded off in the very warm room.
Janet Thompson had made a very neat box to receive donations for Bees for Development, and as there was no charge for the lecture, people were asked if they could make a donation. This type of charity is dear to Mr McCabe s heart. The amazing sum of £150 was donated.
After the lecture George and I took Philip to Douglas Head for a cup of thermos tea.
We arrived at St Johns Methodist Hall in plenty of time to get set up for the evening.

The caterers  JK Catering  were truly excellent.  I had been told that the charge included paper plates and plastic cutlery. We arrived therefore with paper table clothing and flowers. Adrian did not care for this and provided matching china plates, heated, and metal cutlery. He had also put out the tables and provided table cloths!  The meal with perfect puds too was beautiful and we lingered. But we got tidied up and tables away by about 7.45. Meanwhile lots of folk arrived for the lecture who had not come to the meal. Philip got straight into the lecture  Multi Tasking in May and spoke for about an hour. He then took questions, of which there were plenty.  We all went home with lots of ideas and realising what a thoughtful beekeeper he is and how much he listened to his most fascinating father.  He left me with the lecture on my laptop. If any one who attended the lecture would like a copy, please send me a chip or stick and I will give you a copy.  Philip McCabe stayed over night and we had a sunny walk round Port St Mary in the morning, and then had Sunday lunch at the Falcon. Liz and Andy Brand very kindly took care of Philip for the rest of the afternoon and saw him to the airport by 5.00.

A fascinating but exhausting weekend.
Mr McCabe has no time to relax though, as he is off to Rome lecturing this next weekend.


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