Dropped by the IOM Beekeepers Federation teaching apiary today (on my own, in a socially distanced fashion) to see how things are – the hives had been set up as per Harry’s suggestion and all seemed to be busy with lots of bees flying and bringing in pollen. Hopefully they will be bringing in plenty of nectar during this spell of nice weather.

Took a walk around the site, many different plants currently in flower – spotted a bee collecting pollen from the flower below (not sure what it is)

Soon we will be entering swarm season – for more information on swarms and what to do if you find one take a look at our swarm page.


4 Responses to May visit

  1. Liz Charter says:

    Greater celandine, Chelidonium majus.

  2. Phil says:

    Thanks for the update Tony, it’s all looking good, plenty of supers on I see. Nice with all the bluebells around

  3. Penny Mcdonough says:

    Looks so beautiful- really looking forward to being able to visit and learn

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