As the local flora is starting to come into flower with the potential for warmer temperatures and hopefully the start of a nectar flow and much more activity in our hives, there are some events coming up that you might be interested in.
To celebrate 150 years of the British Bee Keeping Association, the BBKA have presented a crab apple tree to the IOMBKF. The tree will be planted at Garey ny Chloie Gardens which are at the rear of Thie Slieau Whallian, Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture’s Heaquarters opposite the Saw Mills on the road between St. John’s and The Hope (IM4 3AT). The tree planting is taking place at 1100hrs on Saturday 4th May and all are welcome. Car parking is alongside The Slieau Whallian or across the road at the saw mills.
We are receiving a visit from Michael Young MBE who was the judge at least year’s Honey Show. Michael will be at the Tynwald Inn in St, John’s from 1900hrs on Saturday, 11th May if you would like to join him. Michael is very experienced and knowledgeable and it would be a real treat to have the opportunity to talk about bees and beekeeping with him.
Finally, the next Isle of Man Bee Keepers Federation Council meeting will be held on Monday, 13th May at St. John’s Methodist Church (on the same side of the road as the hall that the Honey Show and AGM are held in but 170m towards Ballacraine) at 1900hrs
All members of the IOMBKF are welcome although only Association Delegates are permitted to vote and only Delegates may speak unless the Chair of the meeting allows members to address the meeting.

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