The Federation’s annual Honey Show took place on November 9th at St John’s Methodist Hall.  The official opening being performed by His Excellency the  Lieutenant Governor, Adam Wood.  The Show was well attended with both regulars and some new faces. The number of entries was almost the same as in 2012 (115 as opposed to 116) but leaned more to the Honey and Hive Products with a rather meagre showing in the Confectionery classes.

The Honey Judge, Gerry Collins, who last visited us in 2010, provided two illuminating “open judging” sessions which were enjoyed by a small but enthusiastic audience.  Gerry’s lecture and slideshow titled “What’s Going On In My Hive?” was well received and provided much food for thought for experienced beekeepers and novices alike.  Confectionery judging was done by Tony Quirk of L’Experience Restaurant who kindly gave his time and expertise to what was a somewhat limited field!

The Trophies were pleasingly distributed with prizes going to (amongst others) Norrie and Esther Mills, Stan Clucas, Jimmy Fisher, and finally after many years of near misses, Gwen Kelly.  Janet Thompson picked up the Blue Riband for the second year running and the beginners prizes were richly deserved by Andy Scarlett.  The Herbie Quirk Prize for “Most significant contribution to Manx Beekeeping” was given to Pat Shimmin who has taken on the thankless duties of Federation Secretary.

There was once again a cheery display of artwork produced by the several of the Island’s Guides, Brownies, and Rainbows groups.  The harrowing task of judging the artworks was again undertaken by local artist Marg Hewson.

Thanks are due as always to the willing band of volunteers who worked to provide the excellent afternoon tea.


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