Our President, Harry Owens, has had a busy schedule over the past fortnight, visiting Northern Island and respresenting the Fed at a number of beekeeeping groups.


Pl anting an Apple Tree called “Peach” (could only be Irish!)

Here is Harry planting an Irish Apple tree called “Peach”  at the Mid Ulster Beekeepers Association new Apiary near Dungannon on Friday 24th February and meeting the Chairman of the Association Alan Abraham and his committee members. (Alan is on Harry’s spade side)

Harry writes:

I was driven strait from Belfast  Airport there and by that time it was getting dark; they specially asked me to plant the tree for when I was there in October they hadn’t been introduced to me and missed me out of the planting then.


Afterwards they went back to the Mid Ulster Beekeepers Association clubhouse where Harry met some of the members















The other photo was taken during my talk to the Institute of Northern Irish Beeker’s at Hillsborough of which Bill Turnbull is their President (Broadcaster and BBC News reader retired) on Saturday 25th February on both occasions I had on my IOMBKF Chain the young Lady is Charlene Abraham Daughter of Alan and I think Secretary of MUBKA.




I gave another talk to beepers of the Roe Valley BKA which is near Coleraine on Monday evening 27th February.



Well done, Harry, you look good with your Chain of Office;

thanks for sharing the pictures and thank you for representing us at these Associations.

I’m sure you did us all very proud.





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  1. Peter Wood says:

    Well done Harry!

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