As members know, the IOM Beekeepers website hosts a Honey Map. This is a google map which shows the approximate location of producers who have honey for sale.

Do you have honey for sale and would like to be represented on the map?

Some producers show their location, some a postcode and others their telephone number. Its your personal preference.

If you want to be “on the map”, its probably simplest to simply hit the Contact button on the site and let me know that you wish to advertise your honey for sale and the level of detail you’d like to include on the map reference.

Its obviously important that we maintain fairness between those advertising their products; I’ll endeavour to do this. And of course this means those who wish to avail themselves of advertising space on the IOM Beekeepers website need to keep their subs up to date!




One Response to Do you want to advertise your honey for sale?

  1. Peter Long says:

    Yes, I would like my name and address included on the IOM Beekeepers website:
    Peter Long
    Fistard Road
    Port St Mary
    Isle of Man IM9 5HD
    Telephone 01624 835900

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