President David Roberts receives the Chain of Office from outgoing President Ollie Hibbert, with Federation Secretary Linda Cain looking on


It is a privilege to elected as President for the 2018 / 19 year

The Isle of Man Federation begins the new beekeeping year in a strong position, tribute must be paid to the hard working and dedicated team who have put us in this enviable position.

Following a lively AGM a number of innovative ideas were put forward for evaluation by the committee during the year. Particularly providing additional support and continuity to our overworked officers, possibly by the appointment of a chairman, and seeking to involve additional members in the provision of our training services.

Time and effort must be put into ensuring that we comply absolutely with our legal obligations under the revised data protection regulations, a small sub-committee has been established to take this forward. Thanks to our Treasurer for taking the initiative.

Playing a part in the wider world and using our craft to benefit others. I would like to see the Federation build on its relationship with Christian Aid, there is so much that can be done to assist desperately poor communities achieve income from their bees. We look forward to supporting Harry Owens in his visit to Burundi in October.

Our training services have developed amazingly in recent years and I would like to see more members supporting and assisting our overworked training officer with administrative and other practical support. The new training apiary is an exciting development but requires lots of hands to make the best use of the facility. The encouragement of new and younger beekeepers to become involved in the work of the Associations and Federation is a key objective for the year.

Protection of our Island from the disaster of Varroa finding its way in must be a top priority for us all, raising public awareness and remaining vigilant is vital if we are to continue to enjoy beekeeping as we know it.  The next, possibly even more devastating major threat, is the Asian Hornet, education and observation are vital to keep it out of the Island

There is so much that can be achieved by working together and in harmony to provide our Island with a lively active and healthy beekeeping industry.


David Roberts

President the Isle of Man Beekeepers Federation.


One Response to David Roberts inaugurated as President of the Isle of Man Beekeepers Federation

  1. Bronwyn Ward says:

    Congratulations David! Couldn’t think of a better person for the job.
    I agree that your training sessions are outstanding and have really enjoyed learning all about bee keeping. If you are planning a weekend at the apiary to plant, clear etc. please let me know – I’d love to help.

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