Please read the following guidance, from our President Harry Owens:

– If you have your colonies on your own property where you live, carry on the normal sequence of spring into summer beekeeping; if not, follow what I suggest below if you have beehives on other people’s property.

– Check the weight of your hives now to see if they need feeding.  If so, either place fondant or a light liquid sugar feed (1 lb of sugar to 1 pint of water) above the crown board, after you have placed your usual supers for the whole summer on.  Of course if you have to use feeders an empty super is needed to accommodate them.

– If possible place a bait hive in the vicinity of your colonies which will hopefully then attract a swarm from any of your hives. As you know, I don’t use queen excluders, which helps to reduce swarming as the queen has more room to lay during the peak time of mid-summer.  I am available via email ( or phone (801315) to explain more about this method if required.


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