Last week Harry Owens, our IOM Bee Inspector, received this email from his genotype mapping colleague in Devon, Andrew Brown:

Dear Harry,

The Isle of Man sample you sent me was fantastic. It would be great to see how that compares with the rest of the Isle of Man. Mapping the Genotype would help you to identify imports in the future!

Worth a look at this. Identify is the new program the Europeans are using.

Kind regards,


DNA still to follow.

Andrew is looking for more samples of Isle of Man bees, the details of his request are here. The samples will by typed by Andrew and Sussex University to identify the black bees on the Isle of Man.

The images below are from bees originally sent to Andrew, which were, as he said, “Fantastic!”

The map of the bee morphology is


I’m sure Harry will explain it all, in good time!


One Response to Bee Samples wanted….

  1. Alice Quayle says:


    which one of the above on the bee morphology map is the Manx Bee? Is it A.M. Mellifera?


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