The outlook for the 2021 Beekeeping Course has looked bleak since New Year.  The Course due to start on 13th Jan looked like we might have to cancel.

However with a bit of stretching of the old grey cells, we are giving it a go on Zoom. It seemed a shame when we have 40 plus(!) beginners booked up, that we should shelve it.

Cilla is doing the Intro talk on Zoom today, and Roger Putman is doing his equipment talk on Zoom towards the end of this month. That will get us over this first hurdle that Covid has thrown in our path.  We will have to wait and see how things progress to see if more online lectures have to be done.

As we all know, live face to face is always best, with people making new friends and connections. But online is second best, and better than cancelling.



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