Why take the Basic Beekeeping Course ?

If you would like to learn some fascinating facts about Honey Bees.

If you would like to become a beekeeper.

If you would like to join a group of like minded people.

If you are a beekeeper and never been on a course to learn the fundamentals.

If you would like to find out whether you could actually cope with bees of your own, before you commit yourself to the expense of buying all the equipment!

The Basic Beekeeping Course is based on the “British Beekeepers Association” syllabus, for those wishing to base their hobby on well tried and tested knowledge.

The course is instructed by IOM Federation Beekeepers who give their time free of charge.

This way you are instructed by those whom have many years of beekeeping under their belt, and are following a well respected syllabus. It also keeps the cost to you as low as possible.

The content of the course is updated by its instructors as research brings up new ideas and information.

Those who complete the 7 evenings of theory, are invited to take part in practical sessions with one or more instructors at our teaching apiary.

Protective gear is provided for those who do not have any.

You are encouraged to become members of our local Federation and the British Beekeepers Association.

You must also register a new apiary with the Department of Environment Food and Agriculture.

You must remember that it is illegal to import bees or second hand equipment.

The instructors will help you find a colony of Manx bees to get you started.