The Isle of Man Beekeepers Federation swarm collection system has been upgraded with a new and improved procedure.

This procedure has been sent to DEFA, the Police and all the Commissioners Offices. Arbory, Castletown and Ramsey asked for something to go on their Facebook so they have been given a public version without the names and phone numbers.
The Commissioners which did not ask have been sent a copy anyway!

We hope this will enable Island beekeepers to rehome any swarms that are spotted.

Roger Putman ( was slow pulling his hand down and is now grandly titled Island Swarm Coordinator.

If you would like your name added to the “Bees Wanted” list please contact Roger with…

Your name


Mobile number

E mail address

and a declaration that you are ready to accept a swarm, have the equipment to collect and rehome and have read BBKA Paper L004 on Collecing a Swarm.


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